“It takes a community to nurture talent, conduct research, find new paths, allow ideas to circulate and change not only lives, but the world. In a functioning community, diversity is cultural wealth and never impoverishment. The University is called upon to develop and transmit new knowledge, always keeping in mind the role of social elevator that must be central.”

Rector Francesco Billari, Inauguration of the academic year 2023-2024.

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Changed By Women

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States). 

There are no countries around the world that have closed the gender gap. According to the latest data from the World Economic Forum, it will still take more than 100 years before equality between men and women can be achieved worldwide, particularly regarding economic aspects and political representation.

Universities can help speed up this process, contributing to both designing effective measures and policies, and creating a supportive culture. In particular, universities such as Bocconi play a fundamental role in promoting inclusion and diversity, starting from the ability to select, integrate and develop students who are increasingly diverse in terms of gender, and geographical, economic, social and cultural background.