Friends of Bocconi University

Welcome to the Friends of Bocconi University website. We hope to help you to discover the many opportunities to connect to and through Bocconi University. We have lots of information to share, so please explore this website and get in touch with your questions and comments.

Friends of Bocconi University, FoB for short, is a U.S.-based charitable organization (yes, we enjoy 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status) established in 2013 to be the headquarters for Bocconi alumni and friends in the United States. We are still growing and so is our mission, which includes:

  • strengthening the community of Bocconi alumni in the U.S. We number over 3,000 from coast to coast, over 9,000 when we include participants in our numerous non-degree programs, and we really should be in touch with each other.
  • advancing Bocconi’s reputation in the U.S. and encouraging students from the U.S. to pursue a valuable Bocconi education. We know that our Bocconi experiences expanded our personal and professional horizons. We know, too, that Bocconi’s vibrant campus benefits from its rich and diverse international character.
  • encouraging philanthropy among Bocconi alumni and friends in the U.S. We are grateful for the many rewarding experiences from our time at Bocconi and understand that outstanding educational and professional programs require significant resources. FoB has, therefore, created the American Fund to support scholarships for Bocconi students, and our first campaign is underway. Our U.S.-based alumni and friends have demonstrated tremendous philanthropic leadership, and we are within reach of our $1M goal.

Let’s build some community! FoB is based in New York, where over 800 Bocconi alumni live and work, but our commitment is nationwide. We want to reach out to Bocconi’s alumni and friends wherever you are in the U.S. Our board of directors consists of leaders in business and law who invite your engagement with our activities. Leila Horn is the executive director of FoB, maintaining steady and reliable communications between the organization and Bocconi University and taking the lead in organizing Bocconi events in the U.S. We encourage you to contact Leila at or +1 (917) 257-3256 to learn more about FoB or just to say hello.

And speaking of building community, did you know that Bocconi alumni chapters are up and running in ten cities in North America and two cities in Latin America? Davvero! To learn more, please visit or contact Verena Battaglia at