New York Bocconi Alumni Community's American Fund Campaign

Please consider contributing to the American Fund for Bocconi on behalf of the New York chapter.
Goal $20,000.00
20.88% towards our goal
$4,175.00 raised
Carlo Bronzini
$ 1,000.00
Paolo Bianco
$ 1,000.00
Alessandro Dell'Acqua
$ 25.00
Virginia Gallo
$ 50.00
Study STEM girls!
Francesco Furno
$ 150.00
Carlo Urbano
$ 100.00
Vittorio Calabrese
$ 50.00
$ 50.00

Dear NYC Community, 

earlier this year, during the Rector’s visit to New York, we set an ambitious goal, to come together as a North American community to fund scholarships for Bocconi students. 1 million dollars in 2 years.  
The American Fund is committed to making a Bocconi education accessible to all deserving and talented students, regardless of their financial needs and we can help by working together for this common goal.

Major donors with Friends of Bocconi as well as active fund-raising activities by all the other North American Chapters are contributing to the overall target.

We, the NYC Alumni Chapter, have already made history raising $ 20,000 in 2022 and sponsoring a partial scholarship for a student whom we met in Milano. 

This year we raise up to the occasion again and the NYC Chapter Fund is launching into a 12- month fundraising adventure to contribute $20,000 to the American Fund.

Your Gift is Worth Double: an anonymous donor will match 100% of our donation to the cause for every donation up to $100,000.

Tax-Smart Givingto support your generosity, we will provide a tax deductible email receipt for every donation. This will ensure that your kindness can also be tax-deductible where applicable.

Act Now: dive into the details below and make your mark with a donation. 

If you want to create your own fundraising page for memorable occasions and get the gift of giving, please get in touch with us at, Its quite popular and truly helps and it is matched.

If you want to make donations in equity/assets instead of cash, to take the most advantage of tax deductions, that option is also available please in Ways to Give.


Maria Vittoria Gronchi - Francesca Coloni

NYC Chapter - Fundraising Leads