Miami Bocconi Alumni Community's American Fund Campaign

Please consider contributing to the American Fund for Bocconi on behalf of the Miami chapter.
Goal $5,000.00
20% towards our goal
$1,000.00 raised
$ 500.00
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What a journey it’s been! Over the last five years, we've watched in awe as our community has blossomed. 

Today, we stand strong with 300+ dedicated members in the Bocconi Alumni Community Miami Chapter, each of you a testament to our collective spirit. And now, we’re gearing up for something truly special—our very first collaborative quest, a heartwarming cause that’s all about giving forward.

Launching Our Mission: We're rolling up our sleeves for an exhilarating 12-month fundraising adventureOur target? To partially fund a one-year scholarship that will open doors for a deserving student. We're fueling this dream through the American Bocconi Alumni America’s fundraising efforts, and you’ll find the link to contribute at the bottom of this message.

Together, we're not just supporting a student; we're rallying to nurture the next wave of leaders. Bocconi has upped the ante with a heftier student scholarship budget, and now it’s our time to shine, to extend a hand in solidarity, and to weave a tapestry of common good.

Did You Know? For many scholars, our support is the key to an academic journey free from financial frets—a journey that lets them, and their families, breathe easier. 

Let’s band together and lift the spirits (and prospects!) of BSc and MSc students. This is our call to action—your chance to be part of something bigger.

Your Gift is Worth Double: an anonymous donor will match 100% of our donation to the cause for every donation up to $100,000.

Tax-Smart Giving: to support your generosity, we will provide a tax deductible email receipt for every donation. This will ensure that your kindness can also be tax-deductible where applicable.

Act Now: dive into the details below and make your mark with a donation. Every bit paves the way to a brighter future and sow the seeds for a world brimming with opportunity and hope. We have set out goal at $5000 to fund a partial scholarship for a deserving student.


For more information:

Leila Horn, Executive Director
Ph. + 1 917 257 3256