Why Give

    Our priorities, your opportunity  |  Bocconi is fueling change and development for Italy and Europe through three strategic priorities: its Students, its Faculty and Research, and the University and campus—the community and environment in which we live.
Alumni, parents, faculty, researchers, corporates, foundations, and students now have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the University and to become an active part in the future of our society and the country. As a nonprofit institution, we are able to receive donations and we can guarantee the managerial transparency of the funds donated. In addition, donations are tax deductible according to US law. 
    By sharing the University's funding opportunities and making a donation to Bocconi, we support the process that drives innovation and economic growth, with the aim of contributing to the construction of a more equitable and sustainable society.
    Friends and Bocconi offer several opportunities to invest in the development of one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. We invite you to deepen the contents of our strategy and we will be pleased to have the opportunity to explore with you the ways in which you can collaborate to achieve this goal.
PRIORITY: Students
Merit and Opportunity MAKING TALENT A SHARED VALUE | Recognizing the value of merit can turn individual talent into a shared resource and an engine of social mobility.  
1,000+ students are beneficiaries of scholarships supported by donors
59 "Una Scelta Possibile" students received room, board and scholarships thanks to donors
5 of these students graduated in academic year 2017-2018
One student in five receives financial aid.  The University aims to increase this investment from € 28 million to € 30 million by 2020, to open our doors to anyone with talent and motivation, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances. 
NAMING A SCHOLARSHIP  Among Alumni, individuals, corporates and foundations, an increasingly prevalent way to support students is to name a scholarship.  Several donors chose this form of support in 2018.
PRIORITY: Faculty & Research
Knowledge and Responsibility: INSIGHT MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE | Bocconi is commited to proposing solid solutions to the problems of a constantly changing world. We are able to attract the best instructors and researchers, internationalizing our Faculty, establishing new named academic positions and increasingly investing in research because of your support.
14 Named academic positions
8 Funded research projects already launched or ongoing
PRIORITY: University and the Campus
Young People and the Future: ENHANCING CAMPUS AND ACADEMIC LIFE AT BOCCONI | We are developing the first international collegiate campus in Italy by improving existing facilities and constructing new ones.
6 Named spaces on the exisitng campus and on the new campus currently under construction
15 corporate members of the Partners for Development Program that fund unrestricted support for University initiatives
Your donation…
…provides scholarship support to deserving students, turning their dreams of attending Bocconi — and the dreams that follow — into a reality.
...funds the recruitment of international faculty and students to foster a multinational community and nurture a rich exchange of knowledge and viewpoints.
...powers innovative and interactive teaching and learning experiences with state of the art technologies. 
...enables our faculty to create knowledge of impact and bring it back into the classrooms. 
...opens the door to a global network of study abroad and international internship opportunities. 
...supports meaningful research to propose solid solutions to the problems of our constantly changing world.
...provides vital student experiences outside of the classroom, such as sports, cultural activities, entertainment, student associations, student-run media and volunteering.
Why Give?  
Because we're proud — Alumni and friends of the University like you assure that Bocconi will never stop transforming lives. Your gift, whatever its size, makes a huge difference in assuring the Bocconi Experience will be available to new generations of students.
Gifts like yours sustain the University and bolster the value of a Università Bocconi degree. Your donation is an investment in the future of the Students, the Faculty and staff, and the University that will shape the future of Italy and the world.  MAKE A GIFT >
Because we can make a difference  
Through gifts from alumni and friends like you, the University has:
  •  Helped undergraduates afford campus housing.
  •  Retained and Recruited faculty members in a competitive market.
Inspire and support the next generation of Bocconiani by making a gift to the Friends of Bocconi University Fund.  MAKE A GIFT >
Hear firsthand why giving matters
Financial support from scholarships enable students to explore the many opportunities Bocconi has to offer.  MAKE A GIFT >
    INVESTING IN YOUNG PEOPLE FOR A NEW VISION OF THE FUTURE  |  Universities are the intellectual centers where modern societies build their futures.  Pursuing fair, sustainable and practical solutions to the challenges facing today's society is BOCCONI'S GOAL.
Investing in talented young people—regardless of their background—as well as in research and human capital in general as a stimulus for economic growth, social mobility and equitable development is BOCCONI'S COMMITMENT.
The University cannot undertake this effort alone.  Involving you in this project, sharing our ambitions and having you at our side is BOCCONI'S VISION.