New Campus Design by SANAA

     The new University Campus is in the final stages of construction. Bocconi's campus — in addition to its historic buildings and the Gardella and Grafton Buildings, added more recently — will expand to the south, incorporating the area of the former Centrale del Latte.  
36.000 sq meters of space—when completewill be home to four buildings, a residence dorm, a sports centre, park, and a large swimming pool open to the public.  The new campus consists of 
  • new 300-bed Residenza Castiglioni, opened in September 2018
  • new SDA Bocconi headquarters consisting of three separate buildings: Master, Executive, Offices
  • a multi-purpose center with a 17.000 sq meter public park
  • an Olympic-sized swimming pool, open to the city
Each design of the New Campus allows the maximum exposure of light to the space's interior — the external walls are 50% opaque and 50% transparent, and provide optimal insulation to reduce costs.
The Urban Campus designs offer wide openings to the park's courtyards, mobile canopies of metallic grating limit the accumulation of solar heat. In addition the full-height dimension of the buildings glass facades improves natural lighting and further reduces energy consumption. Additional energy strategies will employ underground water sources and rainwater recycling systems. The Recreation Centre's roof will be installed with solar panels while another part of the roof will be green.
The addition to Bocconi's campus creates peaceful spaces to socialize, study, gather and meet outdoors. The park will be characterized by large courtyards, outlined by arcades with low canapies. SANAA's design aims to create a university campus where students, faculty, and visitors are part of an active community.  Thus, the University's 130 million euro investment is one of architectural integrity as well as environmental.
Source: Paola NicolinDomusSANAA