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Founded in 1902, Università Bocconi was the first Italian university to offer a degree in economics.  For over a century, Bocconi has played a leading role in Italy's social and economic modernization.  It has remained true to its founding values of being a major research university, with democratic values and open to the world, as well as financially and politically independent.
Bocconi believes that excellence can only be based on a person's academic profile as well as on his or her values and cultural and ethical background.  This is why the University offers numerous activities, special occasions for people to enrich their knowledge.  For post-graduate management education, Bocconi started the SDA Bocconi School of Management in 1971 engaged in MBA, Specialized Master Programs, and in Customized Executive Education.
Bocconi isn't just an education.  It's a springboard for your ambitions.  For generations, we have shaped the knowledge and values of innovators and future leaders.  We understand that tomorrow's great achievers need more than qualifications.  They need confidence, vision, and a strong set of values.   We were founded to help advance social and economic progress across Europe and beyond.  It is a mission that is shared by our community of over 115,000 alumni in industries across the globe.  Many schools will try to mold you to fit the world. Bocconi will prepare you to change it.   
Education quality rankings in the world
Within international higher education, a number of rankings are published and Bocconi University regularly appears in the most prominent rankings which cover its areas of expertise in economics and management, and more generally the social sciences.  Due to its nature of a specialized institution, Bocconi appears in the rankings qualified for degree programs and subject areas by QS, Financial Times and Shanghai Rankings.  (The University does not appear in "overall" rankings which involve Universities that cover a wide spectrum of subjects and fields.)
Below we show the current results of some of the most important and widely-recognized of these ranking publications. More information concerning Bocconi's standing in other specialized or sectorial rankings is published in sections about the individual programs.  Bocconi is present in many rankings by Financial Times.  SDA Bocconi School of Management is in the following rankings: MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA), Executive Education Custom Programs, Executive Education Open Programs and European Business Schools. Master of Science courses offered by Bocconi’s Graduate School are listed in the Master in Management and Finance rankings.  Here are the updated positions at European and worldwide levels.
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